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Artist Biography:
Masoud Molaei
Gender:  Male
Country:  Country of Iran
Age:  53
Date Of Birth:  1964
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 Mr. Molaei was born in Iran, Tehran on 1964. From a very young age he loved to paint and thought himself how to paint. Over the years of painting as a child he became comfortable with his own style of painting. After graduating high school he got accepted to a very popular art school called Kamal Molk, located in the city of Tehran.

During his study at Kamal Molk, a short period after he had the pleasure of meeting ?the Master himself,? Mr. Morteza Katuzian who is a well known Realist artist within Tehran. Meeting Mr. Morteza Katuzian opened a new set of doors for Mr. Molaei's future and his dreams.

Mr. Molaei wanted to open his horizons and travel abroad. He had the pleasure of traveling to Japan where he lived for five years. Within his stay, he had produced enough art work to fill up five galleries in Japan. His work consisted of oil painting, color pencil, and water color. His work was highly respected and acknowledged by the Japanese people.

When Mr. Molaei returned back to his home land to Tehran, he opened his own gallery and produced more of his fine work. He along with other famous artists held many different exhibits, and art related functions in his gallery.

Till this day, Mr. Molaei's gallery still exists. He is well respected and appreciated by his people and by many people across the world.

The original Iranian art and Persian paintings by famous Iranian artists.

View all (2) paintings from Masoud Molaei
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